Our Company


The companies Savva Home Developers + Savva Home Construction are the creation of hard and insistence work of brothers Giorgos & Kyriakou Savva.


They commenced 25 years ago as a small construction company named GSK. Their experiences and their relations with all the layers of the population together with the building industry provided them with the knowledge of the market requirements, the investor’s thoughts, the intentions and the reflections of the public for every accommodation aim. They weighed all the data and parameters of the industry with determination and courage they promoted the constitution of their companies.


These two companies have a strong background knowledge and experience on all of their objectives and their visions.


The companies S.H.D + S.H.C are the descendants of a small construction company in the past that were created and developed in such degree so that they are classified amongst the most dynamic construction companies since the following are major key points.
- The companies function with honesty and transparency.
- They offer quality roofing, functionalism, ant seismic, modern architectural line, with aesthetic and comfort.
- They aim in their customer needs and satisfaction when they see in their eyes courage, friendliness and love.
- They come up with new pioneer ideas and planning.
- They apply upgraded practices, renewed planning and with a new technology know-how.
- They honour the promises they sell to their customers.
- They select with meticulousness scepticism the building localities for their constructions of flats, 
independent residents, villas.